QNurse is the ultimate affordable solution for a safe and healthy work environment.

Typical Applications:

  • Construction Site First Aid Call and request response;
  • Yard/Factory access control at gates;
  • Use as wireless intercom systems in large organisations;
  • Use as static reporting points on work sites;
  • Hoist/Lift/Elevator intercom on construction site;
  • Hotels and Apartments access- and door control.

Included in the QNurse Box:

  • PD-28 radio;
  • Battery eliminator;
  • Power adaptor;
  • Battery back-up; and
  • IP67 box


  • Clear digital voice communications
  • Digital/Analogue capability
  • Real time automatic numerical/alphabetical tag authentication
  • Power supply
  • Battery back-up
  • Integrated antenna
  • IP67 ABS enclosure
  • Built-in PTT (Press to Talk) switch.
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