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Qcom Australia and its Personnel are so committed to their Dealers that they eat, sleep, drink and dream “Qcom”.  We get together as a team on a frequent basis to:

  • discuss our Dealers’ (and their customers’ needs);
  • address each issue and make suggestions on ways to make life for its Dealers a walk-in-the-park, while also making money;
  • attempt to reach positive solutions for any challenge that our Dealers may have; and
  • then discuss suggestions/solutions with our Dealers to achieve the best outcome possible.

Our mission revolves 100% around our Dealers and their businesses.  We believe that success (making money) can be achieved by all when working together towards the same goal and profit equally.  “All” includes the Manufacturer (and its staff), the Distributor (and its staff), and most importantly the Dealer (and its staff).

So, what do we (the Distributor) do that would result in you (the Dealer) achieving your goal in running a successful business?



  • As an approved QCom Dealer you will enjoy a generous discount off the list price of products, which will leave you with a lucrative profit margin;
  • The profit margin will be higher than any other radio manufacturer in today’s market; and
  • Your discount will always be set at the same discount level whether you buy 1 or 100 units. 



  • All Dealers will receive the exact same discounts – NO favouritism;
  • All Dealers will therefore be on the same playing field which will result in a fair quoting system.  No Dealer will have to “wonder” whether he is quoting against a competitor who receives a better discount.
  • What will make you a better Dealer will be:

1.   excellent service; or

2.   better pricing.

Should you decide to sell your product for less than the suggested retail price, you will still enjoy a higher profit margin than your competitor.


Additionally, you will not be restricted to sell outside of your state or territory. 



  • We want you, the Dealer to be successful as we already make our profit when selling our products to you.  We are therefore not interested at all to sell to the end-user.
  • You may sell to any business, company, City Council, Governmental Departments, etc. 



  • If equipment that is still under warranty goes faulty, we won’t attempt repairing it.  We will replace it straight away so you can offer an exceptional service to your customer. 
  • The exceptions to the “exchange” policy are signs of abuse or misuse of equipment and acts of God.


NOTE: When a charger unit (for instance) gets struck by lightning through the power source. This will be covered by your or your clients’ insurance.



  • Radios & Repeaters = 24 months;
  • Batteries, Speaker Microphones & Chargers = 12 months;
  • Earpieces = 6 months.



  • The reason why we can afford to have a “no worries/exchange” return policy is because of our equipment’s high quality.

QCOM’S vision is twofold:


As our business revolves 100% around our Dealers, as mentioned before, we have a short- and long term vision for our Dealers.


Short term (1 year):

Our short term vision for our Dealers is to not only expand their current product range, but to also increase turn-over and overall profit margins.


Long term:

Our long term vision for our Dealers is to be financially strong with the help of and access to high quality, cost effective products.


How we can employer you in realising this vision:

  • We will provide product knowledge;
  • We will do product comparisons of all products and its pricing, to make it easier for you to sell;
  • We will provide excellent profit margins as mentioned above;
  • We have a “no worries/exchange” policy, which will put you miles ahead of your competitors;
  • Training.



Our vision is to become the most trusted and fair provider of high quality two-way radio equipment and to keep expanding our range of products.

We will –

  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and only have our Dealers’ and their businesses at heart;
  • Endeavour to answer each and every question and find solutions to challenges that our Dealers may have or encounter;
  • Visit and/or phone regularly to discuss our Dealers’ business requirements; and
  • Ensure privacy for our dealers.


In so doing, QCom will become our Dealers’ preferred partner of choice which will have a ripple effect on our Dealers’ customers.  Our Dealers will in turn become their Customers’ preferred two-way radio Dealer and THAT is ultimately our biggest vision.


Position in the Market:

The PD28/46/38 Series QCom radios are the big winners in the migration path for all analogue two-way radios. Of the existing analogue radio users, more than 80% require basic and simple loud voice capable radios with 1 to 10 channels. This makes the Series perfect with its very loud 1-watt audio amplifier and speaker. It delivers clear, crisp audio for analogue and digital with 32 or 1000 channel capability.


QCOM is distributed in Australia (including Tasmania), New Zealand (North- and South Islands) and South Africa.


QCom Australia knows that in order to enhance your customers working environment, they need the products to match. This is why we have manufactured accessories to accompany our high quality portable radios. Optimise your portable radios’ with QCom Australia’s:

  • adaptors;
  • antennas (helical & stubby);
  • batteries;
  • battery eliminators;
  • behind-the-head industrial grade headset with boom microphone;
  • belt clips;
  • carry cases;
  • earpieces;
  • over-the-head industrial grade headset with boom microphone;
  • programming cables;
  • single pocket and multi-unit chargers
  • speaker microphones.


QNurse is the ultimate affordable solution for a safe and healthy work environment. Each nursecall QNurse box contains:

  • A digital/analogue portable radio;
  • Integrated antenna;
  • Switchmode power supply;
  • 15 Watt waterproof speaker and microphone;
  • Battery back-up;
  • Housed in an IP67 Box.

Industries in Australia who already make use of the QNurse boxes include construction sites, shopping centres and security service providers.


QPatch is software for the ALLOVA network radio, which makes use of public mobile phone networks, allowing countrywide communication from radio to radio.


The QPatch software is based on a multifunctional and visualisation dispatching/fleet management system, which include (amongst others) the following features:

  • GPS Tracking;
  • Voice Recording; and
  • Single- and group calls;
  • Telephone interconnect;
  • Automatic number identification;
  • Texting.


Change your way of thinking about two-way radios with the innovative ALLOVA network portable and mobile radio!

For the first time, the latest QCom ALLOVA two-way radio allows you to communicate clearly and effectively to more than 90% of populated areas in Australia and soon to be New Zealand.

QCom ALLOVA works all over!

This highly technologically advanced two-way radio makes use of public mobile telephone networks within Australia using the highest amount of base stations available for any commercial device.


Now, FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, you can access a radio network with a minimum cost per month. This two-way radio voice and data service is available throughout towns, cities and state-wide.


This means that you can now speak interstate without being charged additionally, which has never been the case on any conventional, trunked, MPT1327, Tetra, P25, analogue or digital radio network.



  • Portable device equivalent to or better than fixed/mobile device ranges;
  • Low cost devices;
  • Low cost mobility access fee;
  • Fixed cost (access, tracking and service) available;
  • GPS tracking available (optional cost);
  • Clear and excellent voice quality;
  • Better coverage than any provider of radio communication networks;
  • Private calls and group calls standard;
  • Outright purchase or lease options available. 


QAviation is the clear and comfortable solution to your aviation needs with its aviation headsets designed with soft double foam head pads and noise-cancelling microphones.


QAviation offers you an array of options suitable to your needs, manufacturing designs in:

  • General aircraft headsets;
  • Helicopter headsets;
  • Ground support headsets;
  • Headsets for children in various colours; and
  • Helmet headsets for your paragliding, paramotor and skydiving needs.


QAviation headset features include:

  • Active noise reduction;
  • Super soft double foam head pads for comfort;
  • Noise-cancelling microphone;
  • Low-profile volume control; and
  • Colourful design.
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